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              Adsjustable Shuttle Bracket

Part # PPP-ASB Thanks to Mike Hopkins - Kearney, NE
package of 2 And Jerry Smith - Shoreline, WA
Fits 8270 and XL90 Instructions pdf
ASB and OEM.JPG (20801 bytes) ASB Installed.JPG (25704 bytes)
Replaces OEM 070-006-259 - Image above left.
Improved Bin and Shuttle Distances to Spotting Cups – Reduces Double Shuttles Rear shuttle mounts are already adjustable. Install these front slotted-hole brackets for complete shuttle height adjustments to reduce chances of double shuttle.

                  Adjustable Bin Bracket    

Part # PPP-ABB Thanks to Mike Hopkins - Kearney, NE
package of 1 pair
Instructions pdf
ABB and OEM.JPG (46051 bytes) For improved bin angle to spotting cups. All slotted mounting holes are equally spaced. Choose positions best suited for each application.


In most cases using middle 2 slots will adequately correct bin angle to spotting cups without use of threaded adjusters. When lower slots are chosen the height can be fine-tuned with threaded adjusters shown above right.

Replaces OEM 070-006-371- Image above left.
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