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Broken Table Yoke Clamps           
No holes to drill except forward 2 positions on #2 shaft repair - shown bottom right.
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10 gauge steel plates permanently secure all commonly seen yoke breaks in 5 minutes or less.

PPP-BYC is for stretches between shaft rows and ends are shaped for close proximity to bearing enclosures allowing a centrally secured break.


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Part No. PPP-BYC - image above Part No. PPP-BYC-4 - image above
Lengths between #2 and #3 shaft. #3 shaft (at 4 cup) with spring notch.
BYC-6.JPG (46676 bytes) Part No. PPP-BYC-6

For both #2 and #3 shaft area breakage.


Instructions pdf

BYC-6 2 Shaft Repair.JPG (35793 bytes)
Part No. PPP-BYC-6 - image above Part No. PPP-BYC-6 - image above
#3 shaft (at 6 cup) has no spring notch. #2 shaft (2-3 cup) repair requires two " holes at cross member.
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