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                 Distributor Anti-Sway Kit    

Part # PPP-ASK
package of 1 kit
Replaces 070 006 068 - 070 006 030 - 000 026 032
PPP-ASK.JPG (32352 bytes) The included heavy duty Safety Link Spring Holder has a Rockwell hardness rating of R-45 and is an important feature in maintaining consistent distributor performance. It is important to install before applying the heavy duty Safety Link Spring.


Heavy Duty Safety Link and Lateral Drive springs are 30 percent stronger than OEM springs for smooth and deliberate stops at all bin positions and eliminate the need for multiple springs.

Reduces distributor sway at bin stops due to insufficient spring tension or bent spring holders. Rids distributor of added spring clutter for a clean pinspotter appearance.

                 Safety Link Spring Holder    

package of 2 Replaces 070 006 068
SLSH.JPG (5533 bytes) R-45 hardened. Will not bend or deform.

OEM type holders can bend. A bent spring holder results in spring tension loss than can lead to incorrect pin delivery due to distributor-sway.

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