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AMF Product Line Brochure pdf 2018-2019 Heartland Gearbox Conversions and Motor replacements No Slide Pin Spot
Stationary Orientor Pan by Heartland Bowling Supply
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Stationary Orientor Pan

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Ultra Jam Stoppers

   15 X 33" Kick Back Plates - Countersunk for screw installation
FKB-thumb.JPG (4304 bytes) Premium (Gray) Fiber Kick Back Plate - 15 X 33 PKB-thumb.JPG (4709 bytes) Phenolic (Brown) Kick Back Plate - 15 X 33
Pinspotter Parts
UPG thumb.JPG (4082 bytes) ABB-ASB thumb.JPG (3698 bytes) HDSS thumb.JPG (2312 bytes) BYC-4-thumb.JPG (6176 bytes) PPP-SCS thumb.JPG (3540 bytes) TWH thumb.JPG (5649 bytes)
Upper Pin     Guard Adjustable Bin-Shuttle Brackets Heavy Duty Shuttle Strap

Broken Yoke   Steel Clamps

Spotting Cup   Steel Spacer

8270 Table   Wiring Harness
Pinspotter Parts
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Distributor Anti-Sway Kit Safety Link Spring Holder Orient Pan Turn Mat Front Roller Support Assistant Spring Front Roller Support Block Front Roller Support Stud Replacement Drill Guide Tube Weldment Repair Cushion Box Mount Shims Cushion Block Shield
Pinspotter Parts
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Ball Door Countersink Washer Ball Lift Belt Alignment Rail Rear Roller Shaft Repair Fixture Rear Roller Replacement Shafts Rear Roller Bearing Puller Carpet Roller Bearing - Great Price!
Motors & Gearboxes Miscellaneous
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BE Motor Reversing Jumper Cable Gearbox Conversions and Motor Respacements Pin Guard Mounting Back-Plate Idling Ball Paddle Sweep Arm Bushing Removal Tool
Miscellaneous Brunswick Seating and Front End Accessories
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No Slide Pin Spot Economical Replacement Reflectors Starter Block Ramp Frameworx Seating Heavy Duty Swivel Bearing Frameworx Seating Lightweight Pivot Spring Frameworx Seating Tools Frameworx Seating Stabilizer PowerLift Plastic Hood Insert
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Pinspotter parts for AMF equipped bowling centers