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             Tube Weldment Repair Angles   

Part # PPP-CS-E  (common side even numbered lane)
Part # PPP-CS-O (common side odd numbered lane)
Part # PPP-DS-E  (door side even numbered lane)
Part # PPP-DS-O  (door side odd numbered lane)

Instructions pdf                       

    package of 1 + mounting hardware


PPP-CS-E.JPG (41310 bytes)
These heavy 9 gauge angles cover most commonly seen damage to tube weldment.
When time doesn’t allow or welding isn’t available, drill holes for quick mounting to get pinspotter back into service.

               Tube Weldment Weld Caps    

Part # PPP-TWC
package of 1 pair
Weld Cap Pair and On Tube.JPG (43512 bytes)  



Contoured to fit the 2" tube - use these 10 gauge steel weld caps to reinforce fatigued metal while repairing tube fractures.


Both are 4" in length - one has 2 " arc and the other 3 " arc. Alter to suit individual applications.

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