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          Ball Lift Rods Stud Replacements    


For lift rods needing 5-7/8 to 6 inch spacing
package of 1
Replaces 12-402051-000

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OEM studs break in the middle of league without warning

This stud replacement saves time by not having to remove collars and spring rod then re-align on new stud. The supplied 8" grade 5 bolt may never break but if it does (with a replacement bolt on hand) repair should be less than 3 minutes.

              4-3/4" Ball Lift Rods Stud 


Thanks to Mike Hennick - Pleasant Hill, IA
package of 1

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Mike discovered that shortening our PPP-BLSRK about 1" eliminated (or greatly reduced) the occational ball sitting on top of lift rods. Also Mike noticed overall improvement of lift rods performance, due to the decreased spreading of tubes, increasing the upward speed of ball and reducing ball yo-yo.
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