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  Non Beveled Edge Ball Wheel Roller Flanges    

PPP-HDLRF and PPP-NBGRF have increased diameters for improved ball wheel tracking and extended wear. Made of high strength Delrin a highly wear-resistant plastic with low friction and reduced flexing properties.
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Heavy Duty Lower Ball Wheel Roller Flange No Bevel Upper Ball Wheel Roller Flange
Part # PPP-HDLRF - package of 1 Part # PPP-NBGRF - package of 2
Replaces lower roller flange 12-400257-000 Replaces small roller flange 12-400269-000
(image far left) (image far right)
No Bevel Upper Ball Wheel Roller Flange Serrated Flange Screw
Part # PPP-NBBWF - package of 2 Part # PPP-SFSH - package of 10
Replaces roller flange.12-402107-000 Screws for upper heavy duty flanges without counter sunk holes.
(middle image) 12-402107-000 and PPP-NBGRF
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