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      Ball Wheel Traction Materials    

Highest quality anti-slip materials in the USA Only 1 Pozi-Grip per machine recommended
Part # PPP-PG1 - package of 2 Part # PPP-PG2 - package of 2
Pozi-Grip-1 2.50.jpg (9267 bytes) Video 4.jpg (2506 bytes) Pozi-Grip-2 2.50.jpg (8924 bytes)
PG1 - Pozi-Grip-Pozi-Guard PG2 - Lower profile Pozi-Grip-Pozi-Guard
For HIGH conditioner carry down For MODERATE conditioner carry down
Recommended for Guardian finish. Recommended for synthetic lanes.

      Ball Wheel Traction Materials    

part # PPP-CTM (25' roll) part # PPP-RS (10' roll) part # PPP-PPGN (pkg of 4)
Adhesive backed Adhesive backed Replacements for PG1 & PG2
Cork & Rubber Composite High Friction Roll Stock
Cork-Roll 2.jpg (110715 bytes) Roll Stock RNOM-2.jpg (15588 bytes) Pozi-Guard 2-1.25.jpg (1924 bytes)

Pozi-Guard protects Pozi-Grip by preventing damage to materials leading edge and prolongs life of product.

25 Foot Roll 10 Foot Roll Replacements
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