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                Frameworx Seating Tools    

Thanks to Mike Hopkins - Kearney NE For removing hard to access pins.
package of 1 package of 1
Heavy Duty Pin Removal Tool Pin Extractor Tool
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Use Seating Pin Removal Tool to expose uppermost top of pin Vice-Grips burr shaft - Non-marring Seating Pin Extractor Tool to fully removes remainder of pin.

                Economy Seating Tool  

Part # PPP-FXPRT-2
package of 1
Economy Pin Removal Tool Easily unseat hard to access pins.
FXPRT-2.jpg (162865 bytes) Economy tool is recommended for centers where minimal usage is needed for spring and swivel bearing replacement in Frameworx seating booths.


For heavy tool usage, order part # PPP-FXPRT (see above)

Use tool to expose uppermost top of pin
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