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                No Slide Pin Spots Instructions   

Additional Instructions for AMF 82-70  Equipped Centers



The use of abrasives of any kind for preparation to applying No-Slide Pin Spot is not recommended. No-Slide Pin Spots adhere best to a clean dry smooth surface.

Rake board must adequately clear No-Slide Pin Spots.

1. Thoroughly clean and dry pin deck spots 2 through 10 (#1 spot not included)  in an area larger than 3 inches with any non-residue leaving agent such as detergent and water, Clorinite Solvent 008 or Isopropyl Alcohol.

2. Pinsetter power applied, cycle and observe individual pinspotting on the 2 through 10 pin deck spots and note the average individual pin-bottom-on-spot - and for variations that may occur.

3. Peel the clear No-Slide Pin Spot from paper backing and apply directly to pin deck spot in the average area determined in step above.

No pinsetter spots pins precisely time and time again. The No-Slide Pin Spot has a greater diameter than the 2 inch pin deck spot that allows for its’ placement in the center of each pins average actual positioning on the pin deck.

When applying No-Slide Pin Spot we have found it helpful to do so with pins on deck then apply No-Slide Pin Spot removing 1 pin at a time. It is much easier remembering the actual pin bottom location in this manner.

4. After applying No-Slide Pin Spots, for best adhesive results we recommend using a small roller with medium downward pressure across the entire surface of each No-Slide Pin Spot.

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