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Reset Lever Repair Arm with Installation Strap    

Part # PPP-RLRA-F Instructions pdf
package of 1
RLRA-F-6.0.JPG (40073 bytes) Permanent repair for both single and double armed cracked or broken reset levers in less than 5 minutes and without welding.

Reset Lever Repair Arm fashioned from 3/16" steel plate and has no vertical stress producing bends for separation cracks to occur.

Strap fixture can be used to evaluate (and correct) dimensions of bent OEM type reset levers where adjustment run-out exists.

                 Reset Lever Repair Arm    

Part # PPP-RLRA Instructions pdf
package of 1
RLRA-installed-3.02B+10.JPG (21203 bytes) Order PPP-RLRA if you already have an installation strap from a previous purchase.


No Welding - repair time - under 5 minutes!

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