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               Modified Slide Plate
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No need to disassemble clutch plates when slide plate accidentally slides from grooved posts.

Redesigned front plate (notches) and rear plate entry port allows easy positioning into (vision obscured) grooved posts 

   Slide Plate and Bearing Housing Assy
        Part # PPP-SPA  (package of 1) .
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Slotted roll pin holes, for spring retainer guide, eliminates need for precision when installing clutch plate parts.

The additional spring post roll pin hole (for increased tension) allows extended use of worn time delay gear and torsion latches.

Allows installing slide plate  (with assembled clutch plates) into turret when using Blocking Fingers Hanger - part # PPP-BFH
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Save a lot of money - reuse bearing housing from a worn slide plate.

Drill rivets from worn slide plate then weld housing to new plate.

   Slide Plate Only - (no bearing housing)
        Part # PPP-SPO  (package of 1)
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