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           Economical - Ball Wheel Guard Mount - Broken Bracket Repair

Thanks To Brandon Jagerson - Marshfield, WI
Wheel Guard Mounting Plate Wheel Guard Replacement Bracket
package of 1 package of 1
wheel guard bracket repair.JPG (34203 bytes) Replacement angle 1.JPG (33890 bytes)
Instructions pdf Instructions pdf
Weld this plate to broken OEM bracket or PPP-WGRB replacement bracket. For missing broken OEM brackets - Arrange for your own welding to PPP-WGMP mounting plate.

              Wheel Guard Mounting Assembly    

package of 1
WGBW 1.JPG (27129 bytes) PPP-WGMP and PPP-WGRB welded together and ready to install.


                         WGMA Install.JPG (54115 bytes)


Just drill 5/16" hole in OEM bracket stub remains and tap for 3/8-16 bolt.

Instructions pdf


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